Religious Liberty in the Age of Trump




Evangelicals in the United States elected President Trump. Now they are swarming the White House in an attempt to reverse many years of a leftist bent to the American government as well as the direct attacks on the religious liberty in recent years. They are even trying to change the deep state. While conservatives welcome many of their achievements, there are dangers because of the unity that is rapidly developing between church and state. Where will this lead? How will the roman Catholic Church engage with them? How should we understand our times in light of Bible prophecy? What message should be presented to the world? These and many other questions are addressed in this important and timely DVD series.

1. Let’s Make America Great Again, Stephen Bohr
2. God’s Last Message Through Humble Messengers, Steve Wohlberg
3. Religious Liberty in the Age of Trump, Hal Mayer
4. Round Table Discussion, with Stephen Bohr, Hal Mayer, Steve Wohlberg, and Gary Jensen


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