KTF for Kids – 5. The Tempting Gloves


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Keep the Faith for Kids is an inspiring series of character-building stories and songs for children ages 7–13.

Title of all episode

  • KK01 Coals of Fire
  • KK02 Jack’s Fidelity
  • KK03 The Wicket Gate
  • KK04 The Two Gardens
  • KK05 The Tempting Gloves
  • KK06 A Picture of God
  • KK07 The Indian’s Revenge
  • KK08 The Barn that Blossomed
  • KK09 Swords of Straw
  • KK10 Lyman Dean’s References
  • KK11 A Lesson from School Life
  • KK12 Unforgotten Words
  • KK13 Another Commandment
  • KK14 Tom’s Trial
  • KK15 Only a Husk
  • KK16 The Happy New Year
  • KK17 Nellie Alton’s Mother
  • KK18 Benevolent Society
  • KK19 A Rift in the Cloud
  • KK20 The Two Sisters

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