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How to get rid of sin!

Jesus is the answer. He alone can save us. In His righteousness, He can present your case before the Father, and He can pronounce you as one who has never sinned. This may sound too good to be real, but it is true. Do not hesitate — come boldly to Jesus. The Savior will make an atonement for you and be your personal advocate. Remember, Christ is the answer to all your sins and to all your needs.

The Author:
Lawrence M. Nelson was born in Los Angeles, California on July 9, 1915. He attended the Los Angeles Academy, La Sierra Junior College and Pacific Union College where he majored in theology. He has labored as a pastor and evangelist, specializing in youth activity in Conference, Union and the General Conference for thirteen years. He has traveled the world as an International lecturer opening up the Word of God as the only answer to today’s confusing problems.

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